MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine

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Cell Biology - Inspired Tissue Engineering

Research at cBITE is dedicated to understanding and applying basic cell biological principles in the field of biomedical engineering, in particular in the regeneration of bone tissue. The research program is characterized by a holistic approach to both discovery and application, aiming at combining high throughput technologies, computational modeling and experimental cell biology to streamline the wealth of biological knowledge to real clinical applications. For more information about the cBITE department, check out our website.

The embedding of cBITE within MERLN is necessary to fulfill cBITE’s motto: “Where cell biology meets engineering”. Concretely, this implies four main objectives:

  •  To become a center of expertise on high throughput screening of biomaterials
  • To (co-) develop an educational program in which both the engineering and biological principles of regenerative medicine are taught.
  • To facilitate clinical application of technology in the field of regenerative medicine 
  • Play a pro-active role in shaping the future of MERLN

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