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Our labs are in total over 520 square meters, including a 75 square meter ML2 tissue culture room, 60 square meters of fabrication facilities (with an ISO 7 clean room), 5 hoods for chemical synthesis, and a high-performance computing . Currently, our labs are under the final phase of construction.  Stay tuned for pictures and updates as the labs mature into optimized working areas.

Below you can find a breakdown of the facilities and major instruments we have.

Life sciences

  • Laminar flow cabinets (8) 
  • FACS BD Accuri C6
  • Gel imager Biorad ChemiDoc MP
  • Odyssey CLx
  • Bio-Rad CFX96 qPCR
  • Fully equipped for histology


  • Live cell imaging Nikon TI-E with environmental control (fully automated)
  • Slide scanning Nikon TI-E (fully automated)
  • Inverted fluorescence microscope Nikon TI-S
  • Upright fluorescence microscope Nikon E-600
  • Stereomicroscope with automatic capability SMZ25

Chemistry and materials science

  • FTIR Nicolet iS50
  • Contact angle Krüss DSA25S
  • Bioscaffolder and Biosynthesizer from GESIM
  • Envisiontec bioplotter
  • Triple-axis electrospinner (custom built)
  • Bioinicia electrospinner
  • Gas plasma FEMTO
  • ICP-MS
  • SEM
  • XRD
  • Synthetic organic facilities
  • Ceramics synthesis facilities

Fabrication & Microfluidics

  • Clean Room (ISO 7, 20 m2) yellow light area
  • Sputter coater
  • Micromilling Minitech Mini-mill/GX
  • Polymer thin film exrusion (Dr. Collins)
  • Heated press ServiTec Polystat 300s
  • Knife casting
  • Nanoscribe (two photon polymerization nanolithography)
  • UV LED lithography station
  • Microthermoforming
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Spin Coater
  • Cetoni neMESYS

Computational resources

  • Remote HPZ820 Workstation
    • 2 Intel Xeon E5 (20 physical, 40 logical cores)
    • 128 GB RAM
    • NVIDIA Quadro K2000 2GB
  • Image processing desktop
    • 32 inch IPS monitor
    • Intel Xeon E5
    • 64 GB RAM
    • NVIDIA Quadro K4200 4GB
  • Remote Storage
    • 200 TB mirrored storage

UM Facilities

  • Animal husbandry facility
  • Electron microscopy (M4I)
  • Materials characterization (Chemelot and Enabling Technologies)