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Complex Tissue Regeneration (CTR)

At CTR, advanced macro, micro and nanobiofabrication technologies are developed and combined with fundamental knowledge of biology and materials chemistry towards the design of complex tissues and organs. With an emphasis on high-throughput approaches, potential applications of such constructs include stem cell research, developmental biology, cancer research, pharmaceutical or toxicological screening, tissue regeneration and bioartificial organs. The technological basis for the fabrication of such constructs, ranging from bioprinting to advanced microwell arrays, are:

  • Additive manufacturing technologies for building functional 3D scaffolds, such as 3D fiber deposition;
  • Advanced electrospinning technologies for generating extracellular matrix-like fibrous meshes.
  • Fabrication of highly functional film-based biomedical microdevices by micro and nanoscale 3D forming and superimposed patterned surface and bulk modification of thin polymer films;
  • Engineering of artificial cellular microenvironments and of in vitro 3D tissue and organ analogues using the aforementioned 3D film micro- and nanotechnologies
  • Lithography for multiscale hierarchical 3D substrates, e.g. 3D nanoimprint, 3D deep UV or 3D X-ray lithography.
  • Bottom-up tissue engineering based on micro and nanoengineered objects as instructive microscaffolds.
  • Scaffold-free, self-assembled 3D tissues/organ spheroids.
  • Dynamic and responsive polymeric and supramolecular materials for the control and influence of cellular response.

3DHTS 11 07 2011